Optimum Monitoring

Küsel   2024   WC


Belt cleaner monitoring IOT
Vliem   2024   GMR


Finding hidden "Time Bombs"

Alspaugh   2023   LI


Conveying the fire

David   2023   DB


Handling the heat

Eijpe   2023   WCt


A bigger price to pay

David   2023   GMR


Get a handle on conveyor hazards

Küsel   2022   WC


Going the distance

Neubert   2022   GMR


Monitor from afar

Timmerman   2022   DBM


Preventing conveyor fires

Swinderman  2022   GMR


REACH for safety of conveyor belts

Oijen   2022   M&QW


Fugitive material - A preventable enemy of bulk conveying

Swinderman  2021  WC


Industrial conveyor belt selection

David   2021   M&QW


Conveying - The need for dust suppressants

Sloan   2021   WC


Engineering safer conveyors

NN   2021   CI


Advanced conveyor monitoring

Küsel   2021   IM


Confidence in conveyors

Moore   2021   IM


IPCC mining solution

Blunck/Schmid   2020   WC


Smart mining needs high IQ monitoring systems

Carter   2020   E&MJ


Moving ahead in the material world

Carter   2020   E&MJ


Conveyor engineering design

Kuhar   2020   AMM


X-ray influence

Küsel   2020   WC


NMDC Kumaraswamy Downhill Conveyor

Staples Julius   2020   BSH


Lighten the load

Marshall   2020   WC


Self-sufficient automatic conveyor belt condition diagnosis – even more important in times of crisis

Küsel   2020   BO


In the load zone

Moore   2020   GMR


Autonomous conveyor belt condition monitoring in times of a crisis

Gleeson  2020   IM


IPCC - Worth its weight in coal

Jabs   2020   WC


The driving force
Myers   2020   WC


Choosing the right belt

Davis   ABHR   2020


Static testing evaluation of pipe conveyor belt for different tensioning forces

Molnar, Sabovcik   2019   doi


Advanced Conveyors Move More Coal Cost Effectively

Fiscor   2019   CA


Getting it right the first time

Russel, Carter   2019   E&MJ


Setting the Standards

David   2019   WC


Increasing plant efficiency with digital twins

Göing, Krex   2019   ABHR


Choosing the right belt cleaner

Davis   2019   ABHR


Indentation Rolling Resistance Based on Viscoelasticity of Cover Rubber under a Conveyor Belt

Zhao, Meng, Zhou   2019  Hd


Danger zones (of belt conveyors)

Marshall   2019   WC


Separating fact from fiction (on fire resistance of conveyor belts)

Williams   2019   WC


Belt conveyor vs. trucks - Environmental and economic comparison
Almeida, Castro, Arroyo, Campos   2019   MPES


Rubber stress relaxation models IRR

Munzenberger, O'Shea, Wheeler   2018   IJMMD


The technology behind one of the world's longest pipe conveyors

Zhang   2018   PM


Finite element simulation and experimental verification of steel cord extraction of steel cord conveyor belt splice

Li, Long, Jiang   2018   IOP/PCM


Why the future of South Africa's mining lies in IoT
Shields   2018   htxt


Maintenance on the move

Smith   2018   CE


Multi-drive control of overland conveyors

Lawson   2018   ABHR


Rail conveyor technology

Wheeler, Carr, Chen   2018   ABHR


The relationship between safety and maintenance

Swinderman   2018   CEMA


Real-time, complete condition monitoring of conveyor belts

Küsel   2018   CI


Change for the better

Eijpe   2018   CI


Driving conveyors forward

Heritage   2018   WC


In good hands

Küsel   2018   DBM


Reaching new heights

Ullmann   2018   DBM


Bulk conveyor drive considerations

Davis   2018   ABHR


Improving availability and maintenance of conveyor belt systems

James, Vaeßen, Amanzadeh, Aminossadati  2017  ABHR


Overcoming a mines embankment

Minkin, Wolpers, Hellmuth   2017   BSH


Maintenance in transition

Tomlingson  2017  Book


Mechanical splicing vs. vulcanising

Colbourne  2017  ABHR


Conveyor belt monitoring

Staden   2017   BSH


Conveyor monitoring with X-rays

Küsel  2017  IM


More conomic open pit mining

Mentges   2017   BSH


The impact of idler misalignment
Reicks  2016  CA


Considerations about the cost of conveyor belting

Steven   2016   BSH


Not wearing out
Swinderman  2016  WC

Conveyor drop points

Papini   2017   BSH


The X factor

Küsel  2016  MM


Dual carry conveyor Namakwa Sands

Spriggs Gerber   2016   BSH


Power from the belt

Felder   2016   BSH


Destruction of Belt Bottom Covers

Zhang   2016   BSH

New conveyor to increase production

Staribacher  2016  BSH


Tuning your conveyor accessories

Schmelzer  2016  BSH


Examining lagging friction

Devries  2016  AM


Pipe conveying- the next stage

Minkin, Börsting, Becker  2016  BSH


More than a quick fix

NN  2016  AM


Promoting preventive maintenance standards

Tomlingson  2016  CA


The slope to success

Küsel  2015  WC


Belt uptime (El Abra downhill copper conveyor belt)

Küsel  2015  IM


The CEMA horsepower equation

Jennings  2015  BSH


Dynamic damage of rubber-textile belts in pipe conveyor application

Fedorko, Molnar, Kopas, Tomaskova  2015  BSH


If the belt is on fire

Browers  2015  BSH


Pipe conveyors for infrastructure projects

Ramjee, Staples  2015  BSH


How to design energy efficient Belt Conveyors

Wheeler, Munzenberger, Ausling, Beh    2015   BSH


Determination of the bulk flexure resistance via coupled FED-DEM simulation

Dratt, Katterfeld, Wheeler  2015  BSH


Application of FEM analysis for a pipe conveyor test stand

Fedorko, Molnar, Kopas  2015  BSH


Reaching new length

Niemandt   2015   WC


Cost reduction in belt conveying

Minkin  2015  BSH


Pipe conveyor test rigs

Zamiralova, Lodewijks  2015  BSH


Europe's longest conveyor enters operation

NN  2014  ABHR


Back in vogue (bucket wheel excavators)

Jabs  2014  WC


IPCC - exemplified by Los Pelambres open cast mine

Schmid, Tappeiner  2014  WoM


Don't risk it

Brouwers  2014  WC


Residuals removal at Maritza E1

Minkin/Dilefeld/Fischer  2014  BSH


New developments in transfer chute design

Benjamin  2013  ABHR


High above the ground

Reis  2013  BSH


Design and production of highly stressed conveyor belt pulleys

König, Miketta  2013  WoM


Reducing wear of a coal reclaimer belt feeder through DEM analysis

Donohue, Chen, Roberts  2013  ABHR


Development of an energy recovery system for belt conveyors

Prenner, Kessler  2013  BSH


Rhenish giants

Paul Moore  2013  IM


Preventing conveyor belt failure

Harrison  2012  ABHR


Experimental studies on the resistance to motion

Gladysiewicz, Krol, Kisielewski  2012  WoM


Belt replacement at a long distance pipe conveyor

Minkin, Jungk, Hontscha  2012  BSH


New energy-saving conveyor belts being standardized

Küsel  2012  cam


Rubber - a miner's flexible friend

Prouse  2012  MM


Conveyor models as quantitative platforms for belt conveyor energy options

Reicks  2012  bsE


The way to DIN 22123 - Indentation rolling resistance of conveyor belts

Hötte, Daacke, Schulz, Overmeyer, Wennekamp  2012  BSH


Energy recovery system for continuous conveyors

Prenner, Kessler  2012  bsE


Determination of material parameter for a FEA model of conveyor belt splices

Froböse, Overmeyer, Wakatsuki  2012  bsE


St 10000 - a new development in high-tension conveyor belt design

Küsel  2012  ABHR


A comparison of calculated and measured indentation losses in rubber belt covers

Reicks/Rudolphi/Wheeler  2012  BSH


Options for long-distance large capacity conveying

Wilson/Davis/Wolton  2012  BSH


World's longest pipe conveyor

Bach  2011  ABHR


Powerful design tools

Carter  2011  E&MJ


Pipe conveyors transport bulk material efficiently over long distances

Will/Staribacher  2011 BSH


State-of-the-art long distance conveyor belt design

Küsel  2011  cam


Research on the form behaviour of pipe conveyor belts in curve radii

Overmeyer/Hötte/Wennekamp  2011  BSH


Improving conveyor performance

Pulkki  2010  WC


Calculation of artificial friction coefficient f

Mulani  2010  BSH


Belt speed and tension control on long conveyors

Romani  2011  BSH


Belt turnover design

Lemmon  2010  BSH


Sustainable raw material extraction

Duensing  2010  BSH


Energy efficiency in bulk materials handling

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Cutting edge, energy efficient conveyor systems

Ahrens/Southby  2010  ABHR


The importance and prediction of tension distribution around the conveyor belt path

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Steel-cord conveyor belt splices

Küsel  2009  E&MJ


Steel cord technology

Küsel  2009  MM


Research on the optimisation of the tribological behaviour of conveyor belts

Overmeyer/Hötte/Wennekamp  2009  IRC


Overland conveyors

Matton  2009  bsh


Energy optimized belt conveyors

Kropf-Eilers/Overmeyer/Wennekamp  2009  bsh


Calculation of additional belt stresses in 3-roll idler conveyors

Montecinos  2008  BS&P


Conveying conveyors (relocating belt conveyors)

Boehm  2008  WC


Eco-friendly conveyor belts

Küsel  2008  WC


Limestone transportation by 17-km long cross-border belt conveyor

Vikram/Mukhopadhyay  2008  SME


Alcoa Rockdale: 11.9-mile-long overland conveyor

Corriveau  2008  SME


Increasing Kaltim Prima coal overland conveyor speed to 8.5 mps

Sinaga  2008  SME


Applied rubber belt cover loss prediction from indentation

Rudolphi  2008  SME


Discrete element modeling of sag energy losses in a conveyor belt system

Mustoe/Bin  2008  SME


The use of continuous materials handling equipment in an open cut iron ore mine

Morrison  2007  IOC


A comparison of friction models for conveyor design

Harrison  2007  ICBM


Handling primary crushed iron ore

James  2007  BMH


Dynamics of decentralized driven belt conveyors

Lodewijks/Nuttall  2007  ICBM


Reducing life cycle costs of belt conveyors

Wheeler/Ausling  2007  ICBM


Improving belt conveyor safety with better procedures and training

Goldbeck  2007  ICBM


Coal land transport

Lawrie/Rasul/Gilroy  2007  BSH


Speed control on belt conveyors - Does it really save energy?

Lauhoff   2006   BSH


Indentation rolling resistance of belt conveyors

Wheeler/Ausling  2006  BSH


Investigations dealing with variable speed drives of belt conveyor systems

van den Heuvel  2006  WoM


Comparing fire standards on conveyor belts

Küsel  2006  AL


Modern belt conveyor systems

Lodewijks   2006


Fire safety requirements on underground conveyor belts

Küsel   2006   CC


Pipe conveyor applications for double load transport

Wiedenroth/Staribacher  2006


Developing a belt-washing station for Henderson's conveyor

Valentine  2005  ME


Examples of economical and environmentally compatible transport over long distances

Fischer  2005  CmI


Downhill transport of limestone; curved belt conveyor

Lieberwirth/Rewer/Essen  2005  BSH


Investigations on causes and value of the indentation rolling resistance of belt conveyors

Hager/Scholl  2005  BSH


Research on a fire-monitoring system for mine belt conveyors

Huang/Li  2005  BSH


Record breakers

Küsel   2004  WC


Show of strength

Küsel   2004  WME


25 years of further developments in plant engineering at the Hambach Mine

Huenten/Mannel  2004  SM


Dynamic excitation of transported materials on belt conveyors

Tamaskovics/Meinig  2004  SM


Belting choice

Küsel  2004  WC


The impact of the German standard DIN 22101 on belt conveyor design

Alles/Keller  2004  SME


The Henderson coarse ore conveying system

Küng  2004  SME


The evolution of intermediate driven belt conveyor technology

Alspaugh  2003  BSH


Strain gauges applied to conveyor belts

Egger/Dongyan/Hoffmann  2002  BSH


The optimisation of steelcord belt splices

Hager/Keller  2002  BSH


Two decades dynamics of belt conveyor systems

Lodewijks  2002  BSH


Local stresses in belt turnovers in conveyor belts

Lemmon  2002  SME


Large-scale designs

Küsel  2002  WC


Lateral running behaviour of conveyor belts

Egger/Hoffmann  2001  BSH


Effect of multiply belt's properties on the strength of their splices

Hardygora/Madziarz  2001  BSH


Power belt technology

Wiid/Bagus  2001  BSH


Selection of maintenance and diagnosis strategies for belt conveyors

v.d. Heuvel  2001 SM


Calculation and design of belt conveyors for bulk material

Hager/Simonsen  2000  BSH


Profit from preventive maintenance

Miller  2000  BSH


The Los Pelambres overland conveyor

Brewka  2000  SME


Conveyor belt condition monitoring

Kellis  2000  SME


Condition monitoring of mining belt conveyors

Nave  2000  SME


Analysis of the possibilities to design the stiffness of mining conveyor belts

Czaplicka  1999  BSH


Real-time measurement of corrosion in steel cord belts

Harrison/Moore  1999  BSH


Investigation into safety factors for the calculation of conveyor belts

Kessler  1999  BSH


Design of high-speed belt conveyors

Lodewijks  1999  BSH


Controlling belt slip

Nel/Shortt  1999  BSH


Interrelation between feed chute geometry and conveyor belt wear

Roberts/Wiche  1999  BSH


The success story of self-extinguishing steel cord conveyor belts in underground coal mining

Küsel  1999  IMQ


Repairing conveyor belting without vulcanising

Friedrich  1998  BSH


Development of damage on steel-cord conveyor belts

Hager/Kropf-Eilers  1998  BSH


Modelling belt tension around a drive drum

Harrison  1998  BSH


Damage assessment for inclined and overland fabric belt conveyors

Harrison  1998  BSH


Non-destructive testing of steel-cord conveyor belts

Langebrake/Klein/Gronau  1998  BSH


Bulk material conveyor belt installation, vulcanizing and maintenance

Miller  1998  BSH


Bulk solid and conveyor belt interactions for efficient transportation without spillage

Roberts  1998  BSH


El-Abra - Two years later

Kahrger  1998  SME


Design optimization with risk analysis to minimize belt conveyor cost

Korneck/Otrebski  1998  SME


Mooranbah North - Striving for improvement

O'Donovan  1998  SME


The success of self-extinguishing steel cord conveyor belts

Küsel  1998  WC


Considerations for reducing belt conveyors investment costs

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The maximum inclination angle of a belt conveyor

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The two-dimensional behaviour of belt conveyors

Lodewijks  1995  BC


The rolling resistance of conveyor belts

Lodewijks  1995  BSH


Analysis of belt dynamics in horizontal curves of long belt conveyors

Schulz  1995  BSH


Uphill and downhill conveying of important mass flows

Schulz  1995  BSH


High-strength monoply textile conveyor belts for underground hard-coal mining

Tonn  1995  Gla


Tasmy przenosnikowe z syntetycznym systemem ochronnym

Küsel/Rochlitzki  1994  WB


The energy saving design of belts for long conveyor systems

Hager/Hintz  1993  Brk


The preparation of joints on steel-cable belts

Heuvel  1993  Brk


Dynamic fatigue testing benefits for steel cord belt splices

Hager  1993  BSH


Conveyor belt research at the University of Hannover

Hager  1993  BSH


Additional strain in conveyor belts caused by curves and transition geometry

Hager/Tappeiner  1993  BSH


Steel Cord Belt and Splice Construction

Nordell  1993  BSH


Economical considerations in the design of belt conveyors

Roberts/Hayes/Harrison  1993  BSH


Further results in the analysis of dynamic characteristic of belt conveyors

Schulz  1993  BSH


Conveyor belt protection system (Chinese)

Küsel  1993  CCB


Self extinguishing conveyor belts

Küsel  1993  Min


Steelcord belting: standards, measurements and performance

Kasper/Harrison  1993  SME


Belt replacement methods for long conveyors

Fernie  1993  SME


Propagation of dynamic stress in high-modulus belts

Harrison  1993  SME


Design and execution of steel-cable belt splices

Hager/v.d.Wroge  1992  Brk


The design of belt conveyors with horizontal curves

Grimmer/Kessler  1992  BSH


Conveyor belts for hardcoal mining underground

Tonn  1992  KGK


State of art of belt conveying at Rheinbraun

Eickemeyer  1991  Brk


Development potentials of belt conveying in opencast mines

Hager  1991  Brk


New developments of belt conveyor systems

Bahke  1991  BSH


The development of low friction belt conveyors for overland applications

Beckley  1991  BSH


Chances for developments in belt conveyor technology in open pit mines

Hager  1991  BSH


Design of steel cord conveyor belt splices

Hager/v.d.Wroge  1991  BSH


Non-linear process and chaos in belt conveyor systems

Harrison  1991  BSH


The effects of idler alignment and belt properties on conveyor belt power consumption

Maton  1991  BSH


Belt conveyor steel cord splice analysis

Nordell/Qiu/Sethi  1991  BSH


Bulk solids handling - recent developments and future directions

Roberts  1991  BSH


The calculation of the main resistance of belt conveyors

Spaans  1991  BSH


The development of surface mining technology in the last decade

van Leyen  1991  BSH


Belt sag limits high-capacity conveyors

Harrison  1991  CM


New generation belting for heavy-duty conveying in hard-coal underground mining

Küsel  1991 IMQ


The energy saving design of belt conveyors

Greune/Hager  1990  BSH


Indigenous steel cord belting

Kasturi  1990  BSH


Protection system for conveyor belts

Küsel  1990 IMQ


New procedures and methods in belt splicing and maintenance at Hambach

Ingenhütt  1989  Brk


Stresses in belts within the mechanical system of the conveyor

Hager  1989  VDI


Failure analysis is the key to longevity of conveyor belting

Kasturi  1989  BSH


Wear on mining conveyor belts

Tessmann  1988  Brk


Experimental investigations and theory for the design of a long-distance belt conveyor

Funke/Könneker  1988  BSH


On the appropriate use of dynamic stress models for conveyor design

Harrison  1988  BSH


Computer graphics techniques for visualising belt stress waves

Morrison  1988  BSH


Wear control

Schönholzer  1988  BSH


The interaction of bulk solids and conveyor belts during transportation

Bennett/Roberts  1988  UNR


New developments at IFH Hannover

Funke  1987  BSH


Future design of belt conveyors using dynamic analysis

Harrison  1987  BSH


Bulk solid conveyor belt interaction in relation to belt cleaning

Roberts/Ooms/Bennett  1987  BSH


Modern concepts in belt conveying

Harrison/Roberts  1987  UNR


New developments in belt conveying technology

Bahke  1986  BSH


Longitudinal stresses occurring in long conveyor belts during starting and stopping

Surtees  1986  BSH


Set-up and testing principles of an impact belt test bench

Tessmann  1985  Brk


Single length replacement of overland conveyors

Foo  1985  BSH


Economic factos relating to the design of long distance belt conveyors

Roberts/Harrison/Hayes  1985  BSH


Evaluation of a rubber abrasion test method

Blichblau 1984  BSH


Technical requirements for operating conveyor belts at high speed

Harrison/Roberts  1984  BSH


Using horizontal curves to optimize the alignment of belt conveyors

Tooker  1984  BSH


Flexural behaviours of tensioned conveyor belts

Harrison  1983  MET


Criteria for minimizing transient stress in conveyor belts

Harrison  1983  MET


Dimensioning and application of belt conveyors with intermediate belt drive (T.T.S.)

Bahke  1982  BSH


On the investment for conveyor belting

Lachmann  1982  BSH


Steel cord conveyor belts

Lorani 1962 DKG


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ABHR = Australian Bulk Handling Review

AL = American Longwall

AMM = Asia Miner

AM = Australian Mining

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bsE = bulk solids Europe

BSH = bulk solids handling

BS&P = Bulk Solids & Powder

cam = coal asia magazine

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CC = Coal China

CE = Construction Equipment

CI = Coal International

CmI = Cement International

DBM = Dry Bulk Magazine

DKG = Deutsche Kautschuk-Gesellschaft

E&MJ = Engineering & Mining Journal

GC = Global Cement Magazine

GMR = Global Mining Review

Gla = Glückauf

ICBM = Intern. Conf. on Bulk Materials

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IM = International Mining

IMQ = International Mining Quarterly Review

IOC = Iron Ore Conference

IV = Infovrac

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MM = Mining Magazine

M&QW = Mining & Quarry World
PM = Power Magazine

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SME = Society for Mining Engineers

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WCt = World Cement

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