Here are some points to be considered for planning a splice job. The list is by no means exhaustive.


1. Mobile vulcanizing machine

1.1 Manufacturer:

1.2 Length:

1.3 Width:

1.4 Temperature range:

1.5 Pressure range:

1.6 Type of pressurisation:

1.7 Heating tins:

1.8 Cooling device:


2. Working tables (at level of press)

2.1 Length:

2.2 Width:


3. Working tent

3.1 Length:

3.2 Width:

3.4 Height:

3.5 Climatic conditions on site:

3.6 Storage of splicing material:


4. Electric current

4.1 Which voltage available

4.2 Electrician on site during heating

4.3 Type of plugs

4.4 Light available (night shift)


5. Water

5.1 Water for cooling of splice

5.2 Type of plugs


6. Splicing team

6.1 Number of supervisors

6.2 Number of skilled splicers

6.3 Number of assistants

6.3 Shift times

6.4 Transportation

6.5 Health checks

6.6 Special site instructions

7. Tools

7.1 Grinding machines

7.2 Grooved wire brushes for grinding machines (steel cord belt)

7.3 Scissors

7.4 Needles for prickling

7.5 Paint brushes

7.6 Blacksmith's hammer

7.7 Measuring chalk lines (and yellow chalk in spare)

7.8 Whetstones

7.9 Vice grips (parallel closing system)

7.10 Clamps

7.11 Numbers and letters for splice marking

7.12 Marking crayons

7.13 Chain hoist

7.14 Foil (width 2000 mm)

7.15 Stanley knives and spare blades

7.16 Bend idlers

7.17 Thickness gauge

7.18 Marking tape

7.19 "Don Carlos" knives

7.20 Fibre discs for grinding machines

7.21 Winch

7.22 Electro-hydraulic cable cutters

7.23 Angle grinder

7.24 Edge bars

7.25 Cord stripper


Belt reel in front of splicing station


The splice station is set up directly behind the unreeling device. The first part length is pulled off the drum and is stacked in long loops between the vulcanizing station and the conveyor.

After completed stringing, the final (endless) splice will be carried out on top of the conveyor.

Stacked prespliced conveyor belt

Belt put into loops after splicing, prior to stringing.


4-6 = clamps              3 = table   2 = vulcanizer                          1 = belt reels

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Belt reel in front of splicing station
Stacked prespliced conveyor belt
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